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Cakeshop FAQ

How do I call contracts or send Transactions to existing contracts?

The “Sandbox” tab provides the ability to load up a contract that has been deployed using Cakeshop or the Cakeshop APIs and to make Read calls or submit Transactions to those contracts.

How do I find existing contracts?

The “Contracts” explorer tab lists all contracts that have been deployed using Cakeshop sandbox.

How do I deploy contracts to my network using Cakeshop?

The “Sandbox” tab provides the ability to write and deploy contracts onto your chain.

How do I run Cakeshop on any Ethereum build or on my private Ethereum network?

See the Attach Mode instructions for using Cakeshop with your Ethereum-like node. This provides you the ability to start Cakeshop without auto-starting a geth node, and then attach it to your already-running node.

How do I run Cakeshop on many nodes?

See the Multi-Instance instructions for managing multiple nodes that you control on an Ethereum-based network.

How do I save the solidity files that I have written in the Sandbox?

You can’t explicitly save these files at the moment, but they are auto-saved to your browser cache. For this reason, you shouldn’t use Cakeshop as your version management system and you should definitely ensure you save them in a proper VCS outside of Cakeshop.

What is an ‘Ethereum-like’ ledger/node?

An ‘Ethereum-like’ ledger/node is one that uses the Ethereum JSON RPC API. The Ethereum clients and GoQuorum are examples.

Note that if an Ethereum-forked ledger forks too far away from base Ethereum then there may be some issues with using Cakeshop on top of it.

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