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Updated on August 11, 2021

Configuring Raft consensus

GoQuorum implements the Raft Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus protocol. To enable Raft consensus, specify the --raft command line option when starting GoQuorum. You can create a private network using Raft.

Raft requires that all initial nodes in the cluster are configured as static peers. The order of the enode IDs in the static-nodes.json file must be the same across all peers.

The enode IDs must include a raftport querystring parameter specifying the Raft port for each peer.



For the Raft network to work, 51% of the peers must be up and running. We recommend having an odd number of at least 3 peers in the network.

Minting frequency

By default, blocks are minted no more frequently than every 50ms. When transactions arrive:

  • If it has been at least 50ms since the last block, a new block is minted immediately.
  • If it has been less that 50ms, a new block is minted 50ms after the previous block was minted. Waiting prevents Raft being flooded with blocks.

The rate limiting achieves a balance between transaction throughput and latency.

Configure the minting frequency using the --raftblocktime command line option when starting GoQuorum.

Raft transport layer

Blocks are communicated over the HTTP transport layer built into etcd Raft.

By default, GoQuorum listens on port 50400 for the Raft transport. Use the --raftport command line option to change the port.

By default, the number of peers is 25. Use the --maxpeers N command line option to configure the maximum number of peers where N is expected size of the cluster.

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