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Private Transaction Manager

GoQuorum uses a Private Transaction Manager, Tessera, to implement private transactions.

The Private Transaction Manager is a separate component for storage and distribution of encrypted private transaction data between recipients of a private transaction.

The Private Transaction Manager has two distinct components:

  • Transaction Manager
  • Enclave

Enable private transactions with the PRIVATE_CONFIG environment variable when starting a GoQuorum node.

Use this PRIVATE_CONFIG environment variable either with a direct path to the Privacy Manager’s .ipc socket or with a path to a TOML IPC configuration file as explained in the following sections.

Direct IPC connection configuration

This is the default method for specifying the IPC socket.

Use it if the default timeout values match your needs.

export PRIVATE_CONFIG=path/to/tm.ipc

Using an IPC connection configuration file

Use a TOML IPC configuration file to specify more options for the IPC socket connection.

Use this method only if you need to change the timeout values.

export PRIVATE_CONFIG=path/to/ipc-config-file.toml

Configuration file provides the ability to configure timeouts for the IPC socket.

Example ipc-config-file.toml

socket = "tm.ipc"
workdir = "path/to/ipc/file"
dialTimeout = 1
requestTimeout = 5
responseHeaderTimeout = 5


  • optional dialTimeout is timeout when connecting to socket (seconds), default = 1 second
  • optional requestTimeout is timeout for the write to the socket (seconds), default = 5 seconds
  • optional responseHeaderTimeout is timeout for reading a response from the socket (seconds), default = 5 seconds


You can increase responseHeaderTimeout if transaction manager responses are too slow.

dialTimeout and requestTimeout rarely need changes and can work with the default values.

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