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Updated on March 18, 2021


Cakeshop is a set of tools and APIs for working with Ethereum, packaged as a Java web application archive (WAR) that gets you up and running quickly.

Cakeshop can be connected to Ethereum-like nodes, such as Quorum, which you can then interact with using the Cakeshop front-end.


Out of the box you get:

  • Blockchain Explorer - view transactions, blocks and contracts, and see historical contract state at a point in time
  • Contract Registry - keep track of deployed contracts, along with their code, interfaces, and state
  • Node Info - view the overall status of your network
  • Peer Management - easily discover, add, and remove peers
  • Enhanced Permissions UI - manage smart contract-based Enhanced Permissioning
  • Solidity Sandbox - develop, compile, deploy, and interact with Solidity smart contracts

It provides tools for connecting to multiple nodes, managing peers and permissions, exploring the state of the chain, and working with contracts.

The Cakeshop package includes a Solidity compiler, and all dependencies.

Get started with Cakeshop.

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