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Updated on July 29, 2020



This plugin interface provides services to secure geth RPC servers, which includes:

  • TLS configuration to enable HTTPS/WSS servers
  • Authentication



Required RPC service authenticate the preauthenticated token. Response is the token containing expiry date and granted authorities

Method Name Request Type Response Type Description
Authenticate AuthenticationToken PreAuthenticatedAuthenticationToken Perform authentication of the token. Return a token that contains expiry date and granted authorities


Optional RPC service to provide TLS configuration to enable HTTPS/WSS in geth RPC Servers

Method Name Request Type Response Type Description
Get TLSConfiguration.Request TLSConfiguration.Response



Representing the access token for an authentication request

Field Type Label Description
rawToken bytes


Representing a permission being extracted from access token by the plugin implementation. This permission is then stored in security context of a request and used internally to decide if the access is granted/denied

Field Type Label Description
service string geth RPC API namespace. E.g.: rpc, eth, admin, debug, …
method string geth RPC API function. E.g.: nodeInfo, blockNumber, …
raw string raw string of the the granted authority value. This gives plugin implementation freedom to interpret the value


Representing an authenticated principal after AuthenticationToken has been processed

Field Type Label Description
rawToken bytes
expiredAt google.protobuf.Timestamp
authorities GrantedAuthority repeated


A wrapper message to logically group other messages


TLS configuration data for geth

Field Type Label Description
keyPem bytes Private key in PEM format
certPem bytes Certificate in PEM format
cipherSuites uint32 repeated List of cipher suites constants being supported by the server


It’s an empty Request received by RPC service


Response from RPC service

Field Type Label Description
data TLSConfiguration.Data
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