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Updated on April 20, 2021

Monitoring Quorum Node

GoQuorum version 2.6.0 upgraded to geth version 1.9.7. Upgrade adds the ability to collect enhanced metrics which can then be used in different visualization tools for node monitoring. Refer to geth v1.9.0 for complete list of added features.

This page explains how to configure a GoQuorum node to provide enhanced metrics and enable monitoring.

Metrics Collection

Node monitoring requires to collect metrics data and expose them to the monitoring tools. GoQuorum node can collect and expose the data to ExpVars, InfluxDB or Prometheus

Use GoQuorum --metrics and --pprof command line options to expose the metrics data:

  • In ExpVar format at

  • In Prometheus format at

Use GoQuorum --metric.influxdb command line option and associated flags to push the metrics data to InfluxDB.

Command line options

  --pprof                             Enable the pprof HTTP server
  --pprofaddr value                   pprof HTTP server listening interface (default: "")
  --pprofport value                   pprof HTTP server listening port (default: 6060)

  --metrics                           Enable metrics collection and reporting
  --metrics.expensive                 Enable expensive metrics collection and reporting
  --metrics.influxdb                  Enable metrics export/push to an external InfluxDB database
  --metrics.influxdb.endpoint value   InfluxDB API endpoint to report metrics to (default: "http://localhost:8086")
  --metrics.influxdb.database value   InfluxDB database name to push reported metrics to (default: "geth")
  --metrics.influxdb.username value   Username to authorize access to the database (default: "test")
  --metrics.influxdb.password value   Password to authorize access to the database (default: "test")
  --metrics.influxdb.tags value       Comma-separated InfluxDB tags (key/values) attached to all measurements (default: "host=localhost")


Do not expose pprof HTTP end point to public Internet! This end point can be used to trigger resource intensive operations.

Metrics Visualization

GoQuorum metrics data can be visualised with many dashboard tools. The following screenshots are from Grafana.

Grafana system, network and chain infos screenshot

Grafana detailed chain infos screenshot


The above dashboards are inspired by karalabe/geth-prometheus project.

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