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Updated on May 9, 2021

GoQuorum high availability

You can configure GoQuorum for end-to-end high availability (HA). This section covers the HA configuration requirements for GoQuorum and Tessera.

Quorum Tessera HA Mode

GoQuorum HA configuration requirements

  • Two or more GoQuorum nodes serve as one client via a load balancer which handles incoming requests.
  • The GoQuorum nodes must share the same private transaction manager public key for transaction signing, and must have shared access to the key store directory or key vaults.
  • The GoQuorum nodes must share the same private state. They can connect to a local Tessera node, or highly available Tessera nodes via a load balancer.
  • The GoQuorum nodes must have different node keys.

Tessera HA configuration requirements

  • Two or more Tessera nodes serve as the privacy manager for a GoQuorum node.
  • The Tessera nodes share the same public and private key pair in password protected files or external vaults.
  • The Quorum-to-Tessera (Q2T) server configuration uses HTTP or HTTPS.
  • The Tessera nodes share the same database.


    We recommend using a relational database that is configured for HA. If you are maintaining the database yourself, ensure mirroring is set up, and the supplied JDBC url includes the failover connection details. In a cloud environment this is taken care of by the providers; we recommend using AWS RDS or Azure Database.

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